Posted by user on 05 Nov 2011

Parrots are wonderful creatures of Earth. How many animals can you actually talk to?

Not that many.

One might retort that parrots only stupidly repeat what they hear.

A valid point, except it's completely wrong.

Parrots are amongst the most intelligent birds on Earth. Some species are even able to associate words with meanings. The African Grey Parrot, in particular, has a degree of intelligence comparable to dolphins and great apes. They understand our language to the point they can form sentences and even display a sense of humor.

Owning a parrot is a huge responsibility as it's likely to outlive you. Overmore, it will be depressed if you are gone missing for too long, is bored or hasn’t been bred properly.

Surely, the last thing you want is to have a bird looking at you with sad eyes as she loses her feathers.

On the other hand, if you have the time, dedication and patience, one day you will be able to walk around with your pet seating on your shoulder.

As she shares witty comments with the audience you will realize one thing: you just made one huge step toward becoming a mighty pirate.

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