Right to data

Posted by user on 04 May 2016

Computers have been invented to compute large amounts of data at very high speed, relative to the human brain speed. In a sense, computers have always been about "big data". Although "big data" is probably more a marketing term than a technical one, we must acknowledge that we are at a threshold where data mining can be done on such amounts that new approaches are emerging.

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Building a database

Posted by user on 05 Oct 2015

It is with great pleasure and pride we announce the fifth beta of our quasardb 2.0 release. Things are getting exciting as we are approaching the final release!

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NoSQL is a term doing us a disservice

Posted by user on 01 Feb 2012

Although we edit NoSQL software, I always disliked calling our product a NoSQL database. I know we say in the third paragraph of our web page that wrpme is a NoSQL database, but see, right after it says that we prefer to call it a postmodern database as proposed by Dr. Richard Hipp.

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