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The Ax Thief

Posted by user on 19 May 2013

As I flew back to France, I was reading Lie Yukou:

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String to int and vice versa

Posted by user on 15 May 2013

> Hope you guys are enjoying C++ Now!

We use Boost.Spirit for all our parsing and generation. What I mean by that is that when you have to parse input or generate output, we don’t use std::stringstream, we don’t use the C libraries and we definitely don’t write custom parsers or generators.

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The Bureau 14 coding rules

Posted by user on 22 Apr 2013

We don't actually have "coding rules" at Bureau 14, at least, not in the sense you would expect them.

One one hand, we think it's best to give as much freedom as possible to the developers and prevent rules to get in the way of evolution.

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Seasons greetings

Posted by user on 27 Dec 2012

"Am I indeed possessed of knowledge? I am not knowing. But if a mean person, who appears quite empty-like, ask anything of me, I set it forth from one end to the other, and exhaust it."

We wish you all happy hollidays!

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Function composition in C++11

Posted by user on 19 Nov 2012

There is a lot of code in this post, it will probably not compile "as is" because of missing headers or compiler's incompatibilities. Nevertheless, we made available through our open source initiative the full working library on github. It has been tested on Clang 3.1, gcc 4.6.1 and MSVC 11 on FreeBSD, Linux and Windows.

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The Butterfly Bug

Posted by user on 26 Sep 2012

At Bureau 14 we highly value code quality: it's the corner stone of our software development strategy and certainly one of our core values as a company. We believe that investing in code quality pays off in the long term, especially when our software is entrusted by our customer with mission-critical data.

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For the sake of productivity...

Posted by user on 10 Sep 2012

By judging the endless stream of blog entries, books, conferences, tweets, status updates, advices, statements and aphorism on the topic, you can certainly figure out that productivity is the hottest topic behind celebrities naked pictures, cats in embarrassing situations and tomorrow’s weather.

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NoSQL is a term doing us a disservice

Posted by user on 01 Feb 2012

Although we edit NoSQL software, I always disliked calling our product a NoSQL database. I know we say in the third paragraph of our web page that wrpme is a NoSQL database, but see, right after it says that we prefer to call it a postmodern database as proposed by Dr. Richard Hipp.

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Posted by user on 05 Nov 2011

Parrots are wonderful creatures of Earth. How many animals can you actually talk to?

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On quality and code size

Posted by user on 26 Sep 2011

I recently came across a great blog post asserting - based on numerous studies - that size is the best predictor of code quality.

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