Why C++?

Posted by Edouard on 09 Feb 2021

Why C++?

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C++ complexity: it's a feature

Posted by user on 22 Jan 2016

One of the constant reproaches we can hear about C++ is that it is too complex, too hard, too unsafe and has too many features, really these r-value references are useless and dangerous and why would you need variadic templates anyway, and "lol" you are still managing memory manually in 2016.

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On quality and code size

Posted by user on 26 Sep 2011

I recently came across a great blog post asserting - based on numerous studies - that size is the best predictor of code quality.

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A thing that really improves code quality

Posted by user on 23 Dec 2009

Why increase quality? One good reason: costs reduction. There are many others, but this one is important enough.

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Hardware is expensive

Posted by user on 28 Apr 2009

You probably heard at least once the hardware is free aphorism. Perhaps you even said it! The underlying notion is that optimizing code is generally more expensive than upgrading the machine or even buying a new one.

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