Optimized QuasarDB, part 1: storage

Posted by Leon Mergen on 19 Aug 2021

Reaching your performance, durability and efficiency goals in a production setup can be a challenge: there are about a million ways to deploy complex systems, and QuasarDB is no exception. In this series of blog posts, we will be taking you through the various aspects on how to implement a successful QuasarDB deployment in production.

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Database performance

Posted by Edouard on 12 Mar 2019

This port is the first in a series about the challenges behind database performance and how to accurately assess it. In future posts, we will dig more into the specifics of benchmarks and design choices.

The Penrose stairs of performance

If you are following database innovation you can see that nearly every database vendor out there has at least one benchmark putting them in the first place. With every vendor selling the fastest database there is, you end up in a Penrose stairs situation where everyone is faster than everyone.

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Hardware is expensive

Posted by user on 28 Apr 2009

You probably heard at least once the hardware is free aphorism. Perhaps you even said it! The underlying notion is that optimizing code is generally more expensive than upgrading the machine or even buying a new one.

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