Optimized QuasarDB, part 1: storage

Posted by Leon Mergen on 19 Aug 2021

Reaching your performance, durability and efficiency goals in a production setup can be a challenge: there are about a million ways to deploy complex systems, and QuasarDB is no exception. In this series of blog posts, we will be taking you through the various aspects on how to implement a successful QuasarDB deployment in production.

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Tags: optimization, storage

Don’t write your own persistence layer: why we chose RocksDB

Posted by Edouard on 04 Jun 2021

Our use case

In a nutshell, Quasar helps you anticipate the unpredicted.

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Why C++?

Posted by Edouard on 09 Feb 2021

Why C++?

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Tags: c++, programming

Large scale Industrial IoT data project: lessons learned in 2020

Posted by Edouard on 08 Jan 2021


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is facing the new challenge of having to ingest very high volume of timeseries data and perform complex analysis in real time.

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Tags: waveform, IIoT, timeseries, industrial, mqtt, predictive maintenance

Achieving maximum write speed with QuasarDB

Posted by Edouard on 22 Oct 2020

QuasarDB is the fastest timeseries database in the world by ingestion speed (and probably by querying speed, but it's very hard to establish objectively), by a significant margin. In the 3.9 branch, we furthered our advance further, and we are working to deliver another major performance boost in the following releases.

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Tags: time series, performance, tuning

Three cool free extensions for VS 2019

Posted by Edouard on 19 Sep 2020

Although QuasarDB is mostly run on Linux, most of the development team works primarily on Windows using Visual Studio. It’s because VS has the most advanced native debugger, sitting on top of the Windows Debug API.

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Tags: cpp, debugging, visual studio, extension

Improving our release process

Posted by Edouard on 27 May 2020

You might have noticed that we didn't release QuasarDB 3.9.0 on May 4th, 2020, as our previous release schedule would have commanded.

Since the beginning of the year, QuasarDB's user base grew faster than we anticipated, creating many pain points in our release process, especially the QA phase.

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Tags: process, quasardb, release

auto abuse considered harmful

Posted by Edouard on 27 Apr 2020

Auto is a keyword introduced in C++ 11 out of the necessity to capture lambdas.

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Tags: c++, auto

Using C++ containers efficiently

Posted by Edouard on 23 Mar 2020

Hello, dear reader! I think you have many assumptions about the performance and usage of data structures in C++. This blog post is me, destroying your world.

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Tags: c++, performance, containers

QuasarDB on Kubernetes

Posted by Leon Mergen on 05 Mar 2020

Deploying QuasarDB in cloud-native environments has been possible for many years using the official Docker containers we provide. With the recent rise of container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes, we can do much more: a single interface to provision, monitor and operate a QuasarDB cluster.

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